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July 22
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Sculpt This Again! 2 by Escaron Sculpt This Again! 2 by Escaron
Because I simply had to!!! Just look at the resemblance! You almost cant tell them apart! I was clearly a wonder-child when I was small! The talent I posessed! :XD: ;P

Joke aside; I dont really know when I made that first spider, I think I might have been around 4 - 5 years old. You can see that I loved spiders even back then (although it seemed I had some issues with how many legs theyve got :lol:
I didnt sculpt another (or much anything else) until the 2012 spider, in other words: Boy am I HAPPY (and relieved) that I improved anyway. If I still would have been at that first level today, charming as it is, Id cry. A LOT! :XD:

Left spider is made of cernit clay. Right spider is made of tin foil, wire, super sculpey, acrylics and chicken feathers.

I DO take COMMISSIONS if anyone would be interested to have their own customized "Birdspider" (right pic). :D
They are really perfect pets, do not bite, nor crawl under your bed, or around in your ceiling to drop down on you when you sleep. Neither do they eat creepy bugs, or need any kind of terarium to live with a set temperature. They are well trained and will stay where you left them. And I guarantee they wont scare your mom or sibling to death (if that isnt intended), but they also love to play pranks on people. Huhuhu. Really, Ccan you wish for a better pet spider? ^^ 

My other "sculpt this again meme" and the original spider pic: 
Sculpt This Again! by Escaron Tarantula - handmade by Escaron

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Art & Design (c) Me - Escaron  
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SparkleMeHappy Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Haha I was only 3 in 1992! And wow they look *exactly* the same. You were a child genius. ;P haha anyways, I think the main difference is actually the amount of body segments and number of legs, and perhaps the fact that I'd rather pet the one on the right because of the chicken feathers hehe. :giggle:
Escaron Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Totallt child genious! Im SO proud! Or NOT! I was 5 back then. WHY DIDNT I DO BETTER!? Where is the exact copies of Mona Lisa!?!?! XD
SparkleMeHappy Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hahahaha :giggle: 
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

If someone played a prank on me with these, well… let’s just say here in Australia we’re quick to kill any spiders who cross our path, so… :iconmanvsspiderplz:


That warning out of the way, I had no idea there was a predecessor to your amazing spider sculpture, and all the way back to when I was born too! Looks like a lot has changed in twenty years, and your level of talent has certainly gotten you places to boot. :nod:


I guess Grandpa Spider regrets feeding his little boy now, seeing how much he’s grown… =p

Escaron Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Im actually very glad I dont live in Australia and I would never wanna live there either, tooooooo many creepy and super dangerous animals for my taste! :fear:

hahaha surprise! XD Although back then I had no clue that I 20 years later would pick up a piece of clay again and realize I was good at it. That was a surprise for me. XD
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
For all the spiders and creepy critters you love in this world, you'd still avoid Australia? Damn, maybe my country's a little more insane than I previously thought... :o

Perhaps in the end, you remembered what it was like to sculpt and wanted to try it again, this time with a stronger mindset and more life experience under your belt. But hey, roll with it pal. Heaven knows where it will get you. :nod:
Escaron Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I would avoid Australia any day of the year. XD You can actually thank Discovery Chanel and Nat Geo Wild for that. Did you know that there are 20 species of super poisonus spiders in the world, such kinds that can kill a human if nothing is done fast enough, and did you also know that 18 of these 20 species live in.... Australia! You also have the most poisonus snakes, the most poisonus fishes and centipiedes etc etc etc, in fact most all of your animal life is dangerous. But its the bugs Im most afraid of, dont get me wrong I love bugs, but they are small and they get in everywhere and Australia is craaaawling with them. I would, no kidding, be dead scared to go to Australia, people would have to drag me out of the plane and I would be paranoid all of my stay,  and not wanna move anywhere. XDDDDD Sooooorry but I fear your country BIG time! It is beautiful like nothing else but scary as SHIT! The most poisonus critter we have here is a snake sort, but it rarely kill from its venom, only in really bad cases does that happen and thats when a person is allergic or such. Its really nothing compared to the poisonus creatures youve got that make your innards melt to a pulp by one single bite. :fear:

Thank you so much for the encouragement! <33333 
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
If there really were 18 poisonous species of spiders in Australia, I've probably found only one or two of them living in the suburbs. Most likely, those other spiders would live in other states (like the Sydney funnelweb) or be found way deep in the outback, where I'm sure most dangerous creatures would reside anyway. And believe me, save for a 5-month trip to Alaska, I've lived here my whole life.

Second to that, we Aussies don't fuck around with these nasty-ass creatures. Well, some of us will be scared shitless, but we're gonna pick up the phone and get a professional handler on the scene if it gets ugly. (Normally, we don't have to resort to such extreme measures, though I speak from little to no experience. :nod:)

Didn't you know, those bugs make a fantastic midnight snack while you're sleeping! I recall fondly a particularly crunchy cockroach I had one summer evening... :icondaydreamplz: :iconcockroachplz: (But seriously though, I've encountered little issues with bugs where I live... Again, if you were in deep outback territory or the country, I could understand. And that cockroach story, complete lie. :lol:)

I thought I'd fear Alaska because of the extreme cold that, up until that point, I never came close to experiencing, but like everything else, you adapt to your new surroundings. For me, it was a simple matter of buying a coat, snow pants and wearing a few layers, nothing too strenuous. So look, don't fear about the bugs and creepy crawlies so much, you'll get used to that even if you encounter them AT ALL. What might seal your decision to not go to Australia is simply our summer weather... Fuckin' dreadful, and I know how much you hate the hot weather. Don't worry, my mum's the exact same. :rofl:

Take a leap of faith if you feel ready for it, who knows, it could be the start of something amazing for you. :nod:

(And look, if you don't come to Australia, maybe I have to come to Sweden and drag you over there... :evillaugh:)

You're very welcome and take care, alright? :)
Escaron Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Aaaah now that sound way better. I guess Ive mostly heard about the nightmare examples, like brown recluse crawing into a persons shoes etc. We dont have roaches over here but we do have gadflies and Ive actually eaten 2 of them in my life (for real) XD. Not a pleasure I tell ya, and not by meaning. They flew right down my throat both times (frigging suisidal beasts!) And I tell ya, I felt ill for hours after, imagened it crawling around in my stomach juices. Hahahaha Gadflies never die, they are rather big and they bite super hard and no matter how many times you hit them and crush them they still live. They are a super big problem here in sweden because they are so many, they have even many times killed cows by eating them do death. X__x 

I would probably like Alaska a lot being a cold place. And you just made me realize why you will have to come to Sweden and drag me away - heat! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!! *insert death scream of horror and despair* XD I can not function in heat, and now I hate it even more since it dried up our well 6 weeks ago and we still have NO water! :faint: 
AussieDidge Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's very common to hear over the Internet how much of a badass country Australia seems to be, for reasons that reach FAR deep into the imagination, or for reasons simply pulled from the arse end. I was supposedly hearing that mosquitoes were a massive problem in Alaska before I travelled there.

I guess I picked a good time since it was near the end of their summer or mosquito season, and I had no issues during my stay.

Oh god, brown recluse spiders, they're horrible little buggers. Thankfully I haven't come across one yet. :fear:

Bloody gadflies, I can't recall them existing around the suburbs but judging by their bite and ability to cause trouble, they sound awful. Why on earth would a gadfly want to fly down someone's throat anyway, did they make a bet with a friend they could do it? =p

Yeah, they are a real problem for livestock, they're called horse-flies and botflies for a reason. Aggressive assassins with an innate ability to take a few swipes or get away fast enough. Hell, they even give chase to their targets for some time. :iconshiverplz:

Oh, you'll definitely like Alaska I reckon. While it can be a very isolated sort of place (Anchorage, the biggest city, only has about 300,000 people), I've found that you make friends very easily while you're over there. Maybe in my case it helped that I had a pure Australian accent, but since there's not many people, there's a better chance to connect with those who are there.

And dare I forget, the fresh mountain air you breathe in at temperatures 'round -5 to -10C. Simply invigorating, but perhaps you know that coming from a cold climate already. And if not the climate, then definitely the American food... You don't know temptation till you go there, trust me. :nod:

Don't worry, I wouldn't drag you down to Australia if I weren't prepared to cater for your problems with heat, which are problems that I have, believe me. We got a great air-con system, and ultimately, we have plenty of water to drink both from the tap and bottled, whichever you prefer. Sorry to hear about your well drying up, hope things change for the better. :(

Take care, and hope to hear from you soon.

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