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January 24, 2013
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Gotta catch em all! by Escaron Gotta catch em all! by Escaron
After my excitment burst about the new pokémon games X and Y, I just felt the urge to make this fella. Ive always liked Suicune, even though the little fiend never belonged to me.
”A wild Suicune has appeee-no. No it hasnt. Carry on.” <----- This is what my game message board should say. Or something like ”A wild Suicune should have appeared now, but it ran of, so why even bother going into battle-screen?”
So I took my pokémon-trainer fate in my own hands, and now at last I have got one! *happy pokémon victory music* :D

Suicune is handsculpted in super sculpey over a wire and tin foil armature, and painted with acrylic paint.

Height: About 9cm (to tip of head piece)
Lenght: About 9cm

:iconkosa1plz::iconkosa2plz: Im so happy over this! Thank you so much *Sjazna and `petrova! :heart:

Suicune ©Pokémon (©Nintendo, ©Game Freak, ©Creatures Inc.)
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vonBorowsky Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This shall be one of the best suicuine sculptors around!
I love how you made the "hair"! Very clever!
Escaron Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow you really think so!? Thank you so much! This was one of the first sculpts I made, and the very first fan art, feel like 100 years ago but it was.... 1. XD Its wierd, I really feel like having sculpted for at least 10 years... but nope. Only so much has happened in the short time Ive been doing this, it feel like a lifetime. hahahah
vonBorowsky Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Yes I think! XDD
My first fanart was a pokemon too! But Vaporeon!
w-w-w-wait..... one year... ONE YEAR! Are you kidding me?? Who is you? The princess sculptor???
OMG wow... wait.. let me pick up my chin that just fell on the ground..
God you are so talented! The most impressive and detailed sculptures you have done.. and is a sculptor 
by a year! Oh I am so jealous XDD
Escaron Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Ooooh I always loved Vaporeon the best of all eevees! 

Hahahahah, no I wouldnt say Im that good. XD But I think.... I might be meant for sculpting (even if it may sound crazy)... before I begun sculpting I always knew it was something I wanted but never understood what, I missed something super much but had no clue what it could be...
But then in january 2013 a game exhibition wanted art and just for the sake of it I picked up clay, (because I played around with such when I was 10) and well.... after that it kinda said "pling" and I finaly found myself, and realized I couldnt live without creating in clay.
And ever since then I have sculpted almost every single day. It is tricky and hard but I think I also have some knack for it  (people tell me I have talent but it will always feel wrong for me to say that ^^). But I just love it so friggin much and I have learnt A LOT only this year from knowing nothing. I cant say I know super much now either, but thats not so important to me, most important is that I love it, and that I dont feel lost anymore because now I know this is what I wanna do, and I think, even if Im not a flawless super sculptor that can sculpt everything, that people still will want my art and love my art simply because I love it so much as well. ^^ I think you can flow art with your happiness and positive thoughts and love for making it and that make others feel it and love it as well. Do that sound totally insane? Hahahahha

And thank you so much! But you make madly amazing art as well! I could NEVER make bjds! You are only allowed to be jealous at me if I can be it at you. Hahaha. *putting your jaw back in place* XDDD
vonBorowsky Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
*thanks for fixing my jaw* XD
I used to prefer jolteon, but after I changed my mind XD
I see! Very interesting!
Imagine how many people are out there and didn't find out in what they are gifed!
That is awesome we know it XD
Sculpting everyday must be a very good pratice. I don't. The sculpting part of my dolls is what takes less time.The entire rest is consuming though!
I know what you mean about admit you were gifted, people can think you are too snobbish or something!
We must never think we are perfect on what we do, so we always have something to fix and get better =)
of course you don't sound insane! LOL
Your most welcome!
I am always flattered by yous saying you like my art n.n
Our jealous trade is allowed then! LOL
Escaron Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Hahahahha, you are most welcome. XD 

yeah thinking of all them who cant be creative make me sudder, Id go insane without it. X___x 

It iiiiis and its so much fun!! Of course I dont actively sculpt each day, (and not the days when I work at the tavern) but I at least hold in a piece of clay almost each day. Hahahahha And I bet your work is very consuming! Im sooooo bad at planning, I could never do what you do! Respect!!!

I agree! And I dont think I ever will think Im perfect. I instead think everything I make is bad, I only see misstakes all the time, hahaha. Iguess thats not so good either, to always be too harsh on oneself, and never satisfied. But at least I push myself then. XD And its better to push oneself than, as you say, think one is perfect and never try to get better. But I think all artists are kinda negative to some degree agains their work, I dont think its possible to be completely satisfied... if the person arent such that think all they do is perfect that is, but then I dont think they are true artist. XDDD  

I dont like your art. :noes: I LOVE it!!! Haha And yay for being  jealousy-buddies! XD
vonBorowsky Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Exactly! And there is a lot of them..

OMG do you work on a tavern? Cool! =D
You are better than me XD I gotta sculpt not often.
By the way I need to start a new doll that will be for a friend soon.. need to note it in some place.. XD
Sure you could XD Well, at least none commissions got so far away from the estimated hours of work
since I started tracking the time spent! Helpful =)

Me too! "I think I should remake that leg, or the head, or the tail, or....ARG! I think it is common.
I heard these days from another brazilian sculptor that "we never finish a sculpture, we give up from it".
Means that if depend on us we will always make changes to make it better. But sometimes we must
reconise that the sculpture is already good and we haven't the entire life to spend on it!

Dawww! I love yours too! XD
Yaaay! X3
Escaron Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Even better - I work at a viking tavern. XD The whole place looks like a viking ship. Hahaha. Its a rather awesome place really! 

I am looking forward to that new doll! :la: And you are great for counting the time. I cant do that. I try but it doesnt work. XD 

Hahaha that other brazilian sculptor is SO right! And its the same with the book trilogy Im writing, I wanna change it all the time but I simply have to realize Im must move forward and send it to a punlishing house! 
Also for some wierd reason I start doubt what Ive made just before uploading it somewhere to show others, first I can think that my sculpt is really good and okay but just before Im gonna upoad it I get all "this doesnt look good, I shouldnt show anyone this..." I have to force myself to show others. XDDDD
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PepperedSoda Featured By Owner May 22, 2014   Artist
I have a shiny suicune from wonder trading my dearest baby Mr.Kroko the mega blaziken because I was getting into competitive play and needed a special attacker (not that I already had one) and an hm slave. since wonder trading a lot got me a lot I had no pokemon from my pc and I traded Mr.Kroko because he was the weakest pokemon on my team.. IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT THOU
ArticWolfSpirit Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014   Traditional Artist
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