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In evenings last Light



Masked: Lost Soul


Masked: Soul Dancer


Meet my animal OC crew! So proud of them all. <333

Sirion and Corona

Dacke and Kex

Pics made by the amazing soulwithin465 :heart:


Wonderful art for Me <3

My OCs and beings made by super skilled and amazing people.
I love them all, thank you so much! :heart: :heart: :heart:

{Commission} - Dacke Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Corona Journal Doll by LeoKatana


***Read Updates at the bottom


Hi guys,

Im not sure how to do this but I try. Some of you know me fairly well, some of you know me a little, and some dont know me at all. I ask, no, I plead that you take your time to click the link below and read it whomever you are. It wont take that long, but it will mean everything to me and my family.

Some of you know or at least have a hunch that my living situation is very tough, Ive mentioned it but never told what it really is about. Ive been scared to share, felt ashamed, felt its my own fault, felt I should be strong enough to fix it myself. Somehow, in some way. But Ive tried everything, my whole family has tried everything but it keep failing and our strengh is running out. Ive never liked begging for help, it feel wrong to bother others. But things are spinning completely out of hand, my family is suffering badly for years and it only get worse and worse to the extent when I now fear for my parents lives. Thats why I have decided to tell you about our tough living situation, and to ask for your help. With my wonderful friend Anya Bosworth´s (AnyaBoz) help Ive opened a fund to try raise money for saving my family. Please take your time to read it. Thats all I ask.


My Paypal (if you want to donate but fund doesnt work):

I completely understand if you can´t donate, I understand that money is scarse for all of us. Dont feel bad if you can´t help in this way. Absolutely not. But there are other ways you can help if you want - by sharing this, or the link to the Fund, or tell your friends etc. I will post about this on Facebook, Deviantart, Tumblr and Instagram and if you can/want to spread it on any, some or all sites I will be forever grateful! I dont own any other accounts but if you do and want too, please spread it there. Anywhere is great and a insanely huge help to reach out as far as possible. Or if you know of another way go ahead and do that. Any way is a great way. Any form of help is the greatest help!

Here are all the links where to find it:


On Facebook:…

On Tumblr:…

On Instagram:…

I hope I havnt come across as pushy. Trust me the least I wanna do is bother you with our hardships, I dont wanna beg, but I simply dont know what to do anymore, Im desperate and this is my final resort, my last hope. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and consider it, it mean the world! I may not know you but I send you all my heartfelt thanks from the very bottom of my heart and soul.


GoFundMeFBTumblr by Escaron



Hi again guys,

Im here with some news, maybe small but at the very same time huge! I wanna thank you all SO much for the amazing support, I know the goal is far ahead but oh my world, we have reached over $2000!!! And even more actually because many people have donated directly to my paypal as well. Im just....  I never thought we would raise this much, not in my wildest dreams. And thats not all, so many people have written me, shared the fund, supported us with all their immense kindness, Im not one to cry, but since this fund got up Ive been all tears and emotions. Im grateful beyond words, my inbox is flooded with shared journals, with the most wonderful words of support, with people actually holding auctions of their works for our sake, and offering drawings, and commissions and adopts for donating the money to us! I really... this is just... I cant even wrap my head around it. How you can be so kind! 
And a day ago I saw my parents smile for the first time in... I cant even remember. You know those big, genuine smiles that reach the eyes. It was magical! And my mom was crying of happiness. To see them like this, with new strengh and hope, that is something so big and... just THANK YOU! Thank you all! I will never be able to thank you enough, not if I so kept thanking you for the rest of my life, this mean more that that, and I just dont know how I can express it, I wish I could send you my feelings. 

And this above is not all, because Im thrilled to tell you that we have got our electricity and water back. The house is warm again!!! We have water!!! Our phone and washing machine broke in the electricity failure but its ok, cause we have light and we can cook and use the bathroom. And we can pay for it. With your help we can pay the electrican with no worries! And our spirits have risen and all of us now start to believe we CAN get through this. There will be a better future waiting if we keep fighting. Its not over. And this is because of you, you wonderful people out there that have bounded togheter to help saving us. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and soul! You are amazing, no, you are SO much MORE tha that, each and everyone of you. <3 



We have reached 50% of the first goal on the fund!!! Its.... once again Im just speachless! And not only that, because the people who donated directly to my paypal have raised around $2500 more, so the true total is around $5500!!!! If I knew how to properly express my happyness and gratitude to you all I would but I have no idea how, words are way to lacking for how BIG this is. Im just mind blown. And so are my sis and parents. We cant believe this. That you all want to help us like this. Its insane! In the most fantastic way. Thank you all SO much!!! I love you!

On the house front we have now started to repair the hallway (seen in pic in the fund). It take longer now cause my mom broke her ribs while we worked a few days ago, but she fight on. We also lost our electricity again a day ago but thankfully only for a while. Im gonna post pics in the fund of the hall when a little more is done so you can indeed see that it start to look better! <3 Once more, thank you all! This is possible because of you! 

Milestone 1455269996.1914 by Escaron


And here I will post the links to the wonderful people that hold auctions and offer art for our sake. To you who do this for us, Im so touched, that you offer your art, your precious time, your skills, for US - its such a huge and wonderful thing! And that goes for all of you else as well, you who donate money, and your time to write and aaaah Im just so bad a this, I hope it come across just how happy and grateful I am even if I cant put my words and emotions together properly. I wish I could meet all of you irl and hug you, and tell you just how wonderful you are. THANK YOU!!!!

:iconganjamira: is selling many beautiful artworks for our sake in her etsy store.  Help Escarons family! - Charity Event Updates!:heart: UPDATE No. 2:

Within only 24 hours 8 amulets were sold to help with Escarons cause - further the Griffon Artdoll got sold!:squee:

I never suspected such a huge wave of help and kindness - its so amazing how many love exists out there! :la:
So far approx. 475€ came together and were donated along with kindest wishes, prayers and positive energy:love:
I´ll work on more Charity amulets and goodies as fast as I can to update this journal soon!
:heart:______________About the Charity Project_______________:heart:
Escaron is one my dearest dA-friends and one of my very favourite artists. She and her family struggle for years with urgent financial issues and health problems, and the last two years things grew worse and worse.
Please read her journal regarding this or visit the the awesome AnyaBoz organised for Escarons family:heart:


:iconanwenatelier: is offering a beautiful
 Fluttershy plushie wich you can choose to get with a outfit for us:  Fluttershy Plushie for sale to help EscaronOki doki, so shortly after I wrote my previous journal (you can read it here: )
, I realised that I actually had a pre-embroidered Fluttershy that I never got round to making up, which was meant to be made up into a mini standing pony (about 12"-14" I think?)
So, I would like to offer her for sale to anyone out there, so I can give the FULL amount to Escaron via PayPal to help her out with her family :heart: I want so much to give something to help her, but as I can't offer donations right now as money is tight for us (our house is leaking again :lol:) I figured as I've already got the fabric lying around pre-embroidered, I may as well just chill out in the evenings sewing her together by hand, knowing that I'm doing it to help this beautiful person and her family.
Also! I'm also happily to make a cute little outfit for her or something if anyone is interested, like a little cape or dress or something? I've been dying to try out my pretty new felt and
:iconimagikey: is offering her beautiful art as commissions for our sake:  Commission and slot sale to help friend.A good friend of my here on DA(:iconescaron:) need help, her family relay need money now. I will do commission and sell some slots to my nords to get her some money, so pleas, if you like some here, note, or comment :)

here is her journal, it is also a go fund me here also. 
I do kaaring package
cheaper for each kaaring then the other, but here i have the freedom to choose the style and even try new ones. 
Price: 1 karring= 1,5 usd/150 points
Headshot w/blinking eye, detailed style
Price: 5 dollar/500 points(each horse)(whiteout animation 3 usd/ 300 points) 
Line less style (can be animated)

Price: Headshot= 2usd/200 points, fullbody=4usd/400 points(bg+0.5usd/50 points) (animation, blinking eye or simple bg animation +2 usd)
Chibi whit lines

Price: H
:iconmowendesigns: is offering anyone that donate $15 or more to us a awesome sketch made by her:  [SB] - Donations and Charity Auction for SculptorHere's the original journal / donation page:  Also be sure to check out their gallery! It's awesome:
Same deal as the last one! If you donate $15 or more I will do a sketch for you. :)
Ganjamira is also doing a charity auction of a poseable griffon art doll and all proceeds go to Escaron, check that out here! 

:iconkamoanaa: offer awesome customs for anyone donating $10 or more for our sake. :heart:

:iconcrazycat1231: offer amazing charity commissions and will donate the money to us. :heart: 

:icondarya87: is offering beautiful charity commissions for our sake: Make a donation - get a drawing - help a friend!       So guys, time to show that we're a community here. A really nice person, a very talented deviant needs some help.
And we're gonna help, right?
I know that many of you might not have a paypal account or running out of real money: no problem, there is an option to pay in points (and get some by sharing the journal) - read the informations below, please!

What do I offer?
Star! For a 5-10 USD // 500 - 1.000 Points donation directly to Escaron (or you give it to me and I'll hand it forward to her) I draw you a small card of one of your characters and ship the original painting to you.
Star! For 10-15 USD // 1.000 - 1500 Points donation you'll get a post-card sized drawing of one of your characters (the original will be shipped to you).
:iconleowd567: is offering amazing charity commissions for our sake:  Help ESCARON!Usually I do not follow this kind of thing but this time I think we can seriously help some one who need and deserve our help:
This is a serious problem and I think she can get helped by DA community!
Anyone can go and foud her directly or gift/offer his deviation to help collect some money!
To do my part I will OPEN 6 discounted COMMISSIONS slots!
I OFFER COMMISSION FOR POINTS! I will be glad to give you any point I will do by that ^^ I open 6 slot for that!
Black and withe fantasy character (one character without background) for 270 point (1 slot)
Promarker colored fantasy character (one character without background) for 350 point (2 slots)
Note to me to have the commission, if you desire more elaborated commission we can talk about!
I also open a couple of adoptable to help Escaron, they are some fantasy creature from my Expedition Comic world:

And if you cant bid or buy or donate, I highly reccommend that you still check these amazing artists galleries out. You wont regret it! <333
Also if Ive somehow forgotten to mention someone here, I appologise deeply, tell me and I will add you! 

Guys, all of you, thank you!!! Thank you for giving my family so much love, you are saving us, you truly are! :heart: :heart: :heart:



Welcome Traveler!

You have now entered into the midst of my world... here it will be monsters! But do not fret seeker of the right path, in my mind dwell both this and that, big and small, dark and light, with a lot of variety to look at. Maybe even you can find something to like... So step in, take a tour. I will not and can not promise your safe return, but an experience of nothing alike. You up to the challenge? You dare?


My Shop My Facebook
My Tumblr My Instagram



Commissions Are Closed Stamp by psychotaraCommissions Are Closed Stamp by psychotaraCommissions Are Closed Stamp by psychotara
For the time being. BUT you are always free to send me a note if you want any kind of info or a price quote! Im more than happy to answer.


Something little about me:
Im a writer who for the time being is completing a modern fantasy/horror/adventure trilogy as well as writing a childrens book with my sis.
I am a sculptor since january 2013 who has realized the magic of this material.
I am a gamer, reader, rider, walker and nature loving adventure maniac with lots of wierd humor to boost.
And I am completely and utterly caught up in my imagination almost every waking hour - knock hard if you need something~


Imagination Stamp by Sycotei-BLost in my imagination... by PixieRiotWriter Stamp by SpeedyAlchemistMy Characters STAMP by NocturnalMelody9Imagine Stamp by StereofidelicaForests by skinnyveestampADVENTURE PFF STAMP by madelezabethI Still Believe - stamp by CupcakeCarnageGirlWill Waterbend If... Stamp by z-lady
Magic by DroneguardI love my sister by SquallxZell-LeonhartGamer Stamp by Fastmon

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
― Pablo Picasso

cm - DackeSprite by monochromera

Dacke <3

Pic made by my wonderful sister Vattukatt :heart: :heart: :heart:



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Keep up your amazing art and I wish you the best! 
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