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And Im Back!

Sat Aug 30, 2014, 10:02 AM

As the title says, Im back again from my mega amazing super duper awesome vacation with sis! Ive had 2 wonderful weeks full of adventure and walking and adventure and walking, and did I mention walking?! Shiny La  Ive had the best of times!!! And now Im back again to tackle commissions and projects and stuff and other stuff! Ive got sooo much to do and Im really looking forward to it!

But okay maybe I lied a little when I said Im back, Im not fully back yet, because Ive got 6 (5 left now) days of work in front of me but its not my usual work shifts - mostly I work 13 - 21 or 14 -22 in the eves (I work at a highroad tavern) but since  my boss is on vacation I now have to step in on the early shifts meaning I begin 7 in the morning. Meaning I have to rise at 05.30. Meeeaning usualy good behaving miss Escaron turn into a drooling zombie with a brain capacity of minus 0.01 since she is NOT a morning person, no she is indeed not. As long as its the work tools I start gnawing on its okay I guess, but I dunno if it will be much appreciated if some customers suddenly dissapear without a trace... or maybe some trace... like small red puddles... very suspicious dark red puddles with tiny slimy lumps in that look unmistakenly much like flesh... buuuuut on the other hand! My boss is on vacation! She cant see me now! WOOHOOO!!! :dummy: 

Oh and oh! The fun thing about this all (except I get to eat people) is that I also am beginning my experiment time right about now! Hoho!  ..... 
My experiment time is actually the time doctors start experimenting on me... eeer... :iconfacepalmplz:
This whole last year Ive made a huge lot of tests, eye, brain nerve tests and scans and you name it. Ive never been to the hospital so many times in such a short while in  my whole life. But even so no one can find anything wrong with me even if I have this really grave sight/nerve/vision/whatever problem. (For you who have no clue about it and wanna have a clue no matter what! read here: )
So now Im gonna become a guinea pig guinea pig emoji (Hey, at least Im cute!) and they are gonna start trying different kinda medicines on me to see if any of them might work. Im not super keen about it since I dont like pills and medicine, I dont trust doctors and I dont trust pills. I even keep from eating pain pills, only if it gets reeeeaaaally friggin bad I eat them, and that might happen some 2 times a year (mostly if my knee dislocates in the worst way), but I really rather take pain before pills any day of he year. (plus pills screw up nature and animal species). But yeah, now I havta try out these different pills that are gonna do stuff to my nerves and so on. And now you might think "so what is the fun she mentioned?" Answer; Its the fact that these pills Im gonna try out first (this week when I work early) have the side effects of making me... du du duuuun very friggin mega tired. Helloooooooo total zombification, lets hope some customers survive with only minor not so useful body parts missing (like for instance their heads). :iconepicdummyplz: 

But yeah, all in all, Im really looking forward to start sculpting again. :excited: :love: And finish and publish my fantasy trilogy and a book with my sis, and become a rich and famous author and sculptor! OH YEAH!!! Life´s gonna be awesome from now on!  Ive got so much I love to doooooo~ :headbang:

PEACE OUT!  xx$peaccee$$x  XD


Welcome Traveler!

You have now entered into the midst of my world... here it will be monsters! But do not fret seeker of the right path, in my mind dwell both this and that, big and small, dark and light, with a lot of variety at that. Maybe even you can find something to like... So step in, take a tour. I will not and can not promise your safe return, but an experience of nothing alike. You up to the challenge? You dare?



Commissions Are Open Stamp by psychotara Commissions Are Open Stamp by psychotara Commissions Are Open Stamp by psychotara
but there is a waitlist currently. Feel free to send me a note if you want any kind of info or a price quote! I dont bite~ ... not very hard at least! 8D


:heart: :heart:Sparkly Rebellion by KariStarr :heart:
Escaron ~ Vattukatt


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"The meaning of life is to give life a meaning"

My OCs Dacke, Corona and Sirion <3

{Commission} - Dacke Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Corona Journal Doll by LeoKatana{Commission} - Sirion Journal Doll by LeoKatana




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Horsepoint Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Thank you for the watch back in May! :la: Sorry this is so late; when awesome people watch me I do the most heinous freeze up and want to comment but have no energy and never end up thanking them, which is ridiculous! xDD :icononionfailplz: I shall be watching you on my main account and keeping a close eye on your Etsy - your work is beautiful!
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celticsister Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Fantastic work...just in time to share with my son who has "discovered" the charm of dragons. Thank you! :rose:
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AstaraBriarart Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Poke :poke: 

Your sis said to poke you while she was gone so here I am. XD
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OMGiLOVEpeguins Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Your work is AMAZING!!! I love how detailed they are. Thing I can only dream of doing X3
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TimeDevoursALL Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Very nice gallery :D
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